The case of Emma Brooksbank v The Information Commissioner (Allowed) [2019] UKFTT 2018_0226 (GRC) (31 October 2019) is a case in which the Tribunal decided that legal advice should be disclosed. This was in the context of a request under the Environmental Information Regulations. The key reasoning is at paragraph 35 of the judgement available here

The Tribunal was keen to stress that the conclusion that public interest favoured disclosure was ‘by a fine margin’ and the judgement acknowledges the importance of legal privilege. The Tribunal, as could have been expected, referred to the time elapsed since the advice was given and the precise nature of the public interest in disclosure. However, the most interesting point is the consideration of the nature of the legal advice and I quote from paragraph 35:

‘privilege is less compelling when a public body is seeking advice about general points of law and the advice does not depend on a particular set of facts.’